Custom Server

Custom built FiveM server with the latest ESX framework and all the latest Mods,scrips & vehicles installed ready for you and your friends to play, from the moment you purchase.

Whats included?

  • All ESX Jobs
  • 200+ Real Life Cars
  • Police CAD/MDT preinstalled
  • Full EUP clothing: police,ems,fire etc
  • Database installed and ready to use
  • Help With installation & Support
  • All Mods Shown On The Site
  • Custom Drugs    (meth,weed,opium etc)
  • Player Houses & Garages
  • Player Robberies


What about illegal actives in the server?
we will pre-install everything your server will need to keep your players busy. From custom drugs, gangs and plenty of criminal missions such as Armoured van robberies and much more! Gangs will be available in the job centre and you can choose if you want them to be whitelisted

Will Support Be Available?
Fivem Script shop takes prides in its Mods & customer satisfaction. We will guide you through the process and ensure you have everything in place for installation and long term server management.

Why choose FiveM Script Shop?
We have several years experience with running and maintaining servers on FiveM. Most of our servers have grown to be some of the largest worldwide. We ensure your server is optimised to reduce lag and increase overall FPS. We also help with guidance for new server owners and offer long term support if needed.

How Long Does It Take?
We can normally have you up and running on the same day, we will ensure all the loading screens and names in game match your new server name that's requested. From the date of purchase we aim to have you live within 48 hours